Flavor Ingredients

extensive line

Extensive line ofdehydrated vegetables and savory enhancers

At Foodex Inti Ingredients, we are pleased to offer extensive line of dehydrated vegetables and spices as well as savory enhancers to meet all your application needs.

Our flavor ingredient

Our flavor ingredientmade from natural ingredients

Our flavor ingredients are made from natural ingredients, delivering nice and balanced flavor profile in your finished products. They are suitable for dry seasoning mix, sauces, soups, and can be combined in creative ways into your formulation.

Flavor Ingredients

Dehydrated Vegetables

Foodex is specialized in manufacturing and blending of dehydrated vegetable products particulary in garlic, chilli and onion products. We have extensive product library with different flavor profile such as raw, roasted, toasted or fried. All products are available in special blend as per customer specification in term of size, color and taste to make sure they can bring extra value to your food creation.

Savory Enhancer

Foodex carry a unique portfolio of savory flavors and flavor enhancers to intensify umami effect and enhance savory and hearty note in the food applications. Our products such as Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein (HVP), Soy Sauce Powder (SSP), Savory Booster or Yeast Extract are just some examples where you can benefit from our fine collections.

Our Specialty

Our Specialtyin garlic, chilli and onion

In addition to our specialty in garlic, chilli and onion products, we also carry variety of dehydrated vegetables, spices and herbs such as white pepper, black pepper, turmeric, tamarind and capsicum.


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