Functional Ingredients

visual perfection

Visual Perfectionis important part in food

The most important part in food is to provide end customers with excellent taste and visual perfection. Foodex can help by providing solution through its Functional Ingredients, where our clients can mix our products into theirs to create items based on their imagination and creativity.

Natural Colors for Food and Beverages

Natural Colorsfor Food and Beverages

Color is an important part of the eating experience.
While flavor and aroma of food will always decide what consumers like or don’t like, how food looks is as important as how it tastes.
Rising health concerns about the synthetic dyes currently used in most food applications have created an ever-growing demand for naturally derived colors.
Alongside consumer awareness, regulatory pressure is also driving this shift from synthetic dyes to natural colors.

Natural colors

Natural Colorsin diverse range of applications

Natural colors can be used in a wide and diverse range of applications like Confectionery, Dairy, Snacks, Seasonings, Beverages and even cosmetics.
For instance: pink extracted from beetroot is an excellent fit in ice cream and the rich orange of paprika finds many uses in snacks, seasonings and other savory foods.
The future is knocking on our doors with the demand for healthier foods and naturally derived ingredients.
It is up to you, the food manufacturer, to clean up your labels and ‘go synthetic-free’. And if you do, the market would welcome it with open arms.


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