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meat extraction technology

Renowned high qualitymeat extract manufacturer in Indonesia

Foodex has been developing meat extraction technology since 2000 and is now one of renowned high quality meat extract manufacturer in Indonesia. Developed through modern and advanced process, combined with our attention to quality and cost effective raw materials, our meat extract products offer high performance in your application.

Our meat extract

Our meat extractsuitable for application in various industries

Our meat extract series are suitable for application in various industries especially instant noodle, seasoning blenders, snack, sauce as well as meat processing companies. They can impart meatiness and richness in flavor and mouth feel, as well as contributing positively to nutrition profile of your food products.

Product Range

Chicken Product Range

Our products range from chicken fat, pure natural chicken extract, to flavored chicken extract with profile such as white meat, thigh, boiled, meaty and roasted. Our chicken extract products are suitable as base for instant noodle and soup seasoning, processed meat, snack and culinary sauces.

Beef Product Range

Our beef extract products range from pure beef extract to beef extract with profiles such as roast beef, grilled beef, stewed beef, and brothy beef. Our beef fat has full bodied aroma and flavor, contributing to strong beef profile to your food products. Our beef extract products are particularly suited for meatball and beef soup broth, sausages, snack seasonings, instant noodle seasonings and other culinary creating requiring strong beef profile.

Seafood Product Range

Our seafood products are available in oil, paste or powder form. We guarantee freshness of our seafood raw material source to produce high quality tasty seafood products.

Powder, Paste and Fat/Oil Form

Powder, Paste and Fat/Oil Form

For convenience in your application, we offer these products in powder, paste and fat/oil form.


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