Reliable Partner for Excellent Food



The Leading Manufacturing for food seasoning & ingredients

PT. Foodex Inti Ingredients was established by hardworking and creative people to produce Food Seasoning one of the very important ingredients in Food industries.Starting with few people in product development and in production, and now Foodex has becoming one of the country leading food seasoning manufacture employ more than 100 peoples.


Customer-Centric exceptional service to our customers

Foodex Inti Ingredients always seek innovative ways to provide additional value to our customers and to meet their needs, interests and expectations. Customer-Centric is our culture, and together with our innovative technical platform will enable us to provide exceptional service to our customers


Foodex is an Approved Ingredient Supplier

We only source our raw materials from high quality suppliers to assure product safety, reliability and consistency. In addition, we have developed a supply chain control system that guarantees traceability of our products, from raw materials, production process to finished goods.

Research & Development

Our Innovation Great application, Market trends and Customized requests

With a strong focus on R&D, Foodex Inti Ingredients is on the forefront to provide innovative food ingredient solution. We believe in continuous development to guarantee our customers a competitive edge through great quality and great competitiveness.

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Reliable Partner for Excellent Food