Ready to Eat

Ready To Eat Meal

Ready To Eat Meal

In the modern era, lifestyle of consumers become increasingly hectic due to economic and social growth and they have less time on hands to prepare meals from scratch. Consumers sought easy and convenient meal options to save time, to answer the market demand. Foodex has created specialized unit to cater and develop customized ready-to-eat meal.

Ready To Eat Meals

Ready To Eat Mealsare ready to use as is

Packed in retort pouches and processed with modern sterilization technology, these ready-to-eat meals are ready to use as is or can simply be heated for 3-5 minutes to enjoy delicious and hygienic foods.

Long shelf life in room temperature

Long shelf lifein room temperature

Our products are free from addition of preservatives and can have shelf life for up to 12 months in room temperature. Foodex Inti Ingredients undertake contract manufacturing and development of ready-to-eat meals according to our customer’s requirement encompassing variety of dishes including porridge, soup, side dish and dessert.

Convenience to food service

Convenienceto food service, fast food chain..

In addition, our products also offer convenience to food service, fast food chain outlets, institutional catering, disaster food aids, Hajj pilgrimage, military rations as well as processed food industries.


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