Savory Seasonings

Highly Specialized

Highly Specializedin formulating seasoning blends

PT Foodex Inti Ingredients is highly specialized in formulating seasoning blends containing spices, herbs and other flavor/functional ingredients to create unique and flavorful recipes.

Have Been Widely Used

Our seasoning blendshave been widely used

Our seasoning blends have been widely used in snack industry, meat processing industries, noodle industries and food service market (HORECA: Hotel, Restaurant, Café, and catering).

Seasoning Solution

2savory seasoning solution

Foodex offers savory seasoning solution in the following categories

Highly Specialized

Complete Seasonings designed for agile manufacturers

Complete seasoning solution is conveniently designed for agile manufacturers with continuous need for innovative, ready to use flavor solution. Choose from existing flavor in our extensive seasoning library or develop your own creation. In Foodex, we combine culinary creativity with flavor chemistry to create a wide collection of Indonesian, Asian or International savory seasonings. Our profiles are unique and customizable based on your preferences.

Premix Seasonings our flavor with your formulation

This semi blend offers a way to combine our flavor creation with your own formulation to create unique flavor for your products.Come and try our mouth-watering seasoning flavors such as Sambal Balado, Beef Barbeque, Grilled Chicken, Super Hot Chilli, Spicy Cheese, Thai Curry and Indonesian Rendang just to name a few.

Dedicated R&D

Dedicated R&Dsearching for latest flavor trend

In Foodex, we have a dedicated R&D team focusing on searching for latest flavor trend suitable for local and international taste.
Our highly skilled application team has in-depth knowledge of ingredients, their functional properties and their application.
We can help you design and innovate concepts as well as choose suitable ingredients for specific formulation and process including vegetarian, low-salt, MSG-free or other customized requirements.


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