Sweet Seasonings & Drinks

Sweet Seasonings

Sweet Seasoningssuitable for snack application

In recent years, there has been fast increase in demand of sweet foods and drinks in Indonesia. Foodex Inti Ingredients is pleased to offer sweet seasonings suitable for application in extruded, fried and baked snacks, cookies, biscuits and cream fillings. Some of popular sweet seasoning flavor from our library includes: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Mocca, Cocopandan, Blueberry, Pineapple and Taro.

Extensive List

Extensive Listof powdered beverage mix

In addition, Foodex offers extensive list of powdered beverage mix including flavored tea, coffee and chocolate drinks, fruit flavored drinks and other seasonal in-trend drinks. Most of our products are ready to serve with simple addition of water, and can be served cold, hot or blended. These are especially suitable for food service market including hotels, restaurants and fast food chain outlets. Some of our favorite collections include Lychee Tea, Passion Mango Tea, Green Tea, Avocado Coffee, Mocchacino and Hot Chocolate.

Dedicated R&D

Dedicated R&Dsearching for latest sweet flavor trend

n Foodex, we have a dedicated R&D team focusing on searching for latest sweet flavor trend suitable for local and international taste. Foodex Marketing team and together with our R&D always take a trip to survey flavor preference of our end consumers, ranging from children to adults. Based on the survey, we work together with our customers to create excellent flavor profile.


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